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Ryan Thompson – in action

As the founder of RTG, Ryan is a coach focused on improving the standards.  Using a holistic approach to build the human & athlete.
He teaches strong, positive, uplifting values…. hard work, honesty, equality, respect.

Ryan has international & professional experience as well as holding his USSF Class A coaching license!

The RTG Way

RTG Academy is a mentor based goal keeping specific training academy. The coaching staff strive to motivate & inspire goal keepers to be great people both on & off the field. RTG has hand picked coaches that believe in the RTG Way (motivation/growth through mentorship & knowledge) along with strong knowledge of the position. All sessions begin with opening words, warm-ups & review of the fundamentals. RTG truly believes that real growth of a player comes from having a strong hold & mastery of the basics. After fundamentals, the session will move onto the core of the session & the lesson plan. All RTG sessions will be planned & organized by Ryan Thompson (Owner/ of RTG Academy) & Coaches will execute. All sessions conclude with positives, areas of growth and uplifting words to each other. If you are looking for a space for your keeper to advance in their position and to have knowledgeable mentors, then RTG Academy is your place.


My time working with Ryan was nothing but positive. Playing at the college level now I’ve worked with a number of goalie coaches all with different techniques and coaching styles, but Ryan is the best coach I have worked with. He is great at seeing the potential in people and knowing exactly how hard to push them to reach their highest potential. more…

Caroline DeLisle

I had the pleasure of playing alongside my friend Ryan for a number of years at international level at some of our most successful periods. His attitude, his passion for football and willingness to learn rubbed off on everyone around him. An outstanding professional both on and off the pitch and a player who always led by example. Ryan is someone I have a lot of respect for and I am delighted he can pass his wealth of knowledge on through coaching.

Adrian Marriappa

Ryan Thompson, was in my team The Reggae Boyz. He was an exceptionally good leader, as a goalkeeper he was a winner, he coached his defense, always positive. In training, he always tries to improve. His style of training and playing has inspired other players to work even better and more concisely. Simply, he is a winner!

Coach Schaefer Winfried