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RTG Training

Small Group Sessions

RTG currently offers Small Group sessions each week. These sessions are intensive training sessions focused on specific drills and skills. Each session is meant to challenge the participants to think and improve their game. Unlike our goalkeeper soccer camps and programs, these smaller sessions are suited for individuals striving to improve specific facets of their game. As professional coaches, we understand what it takes to take your skills from their current level to places you have never discovered. Our ultimate goal is to turn you into the soccer goalie you have always dreamed of being, as we will support you through this journey all the way as best we can.

If you are the parent of a youth athlete who you feel has true potential as a goalkeeper, our small group sessions are the perfect way to improve their skills. Our focus will be entirely dedicated to them and the other small number of athletes in the session, so rest assured that we are doing what is best for your child!  


Additional Training Offerings – coming soon!

In the near future, RTG plans to add programs and training opportunities that take advantage of the technology available. We are excited to soon implement virtual film analysis and training over Zoom! Follow us on social media for announcements about the new programs!


To sign up for Small Group Sessions or get more information, please contact RTG: