"My time working with Ryan was nothing but positive. Playing at the college level now I’ve worked with a number of goalie coaches all with different techniques and coaching styles, but Ryan is the best coach I have worked with. He is great at seeing the potential in people and knowing exactly how hard to push them to reach their highest potential. He will work with you until you reach and then exceed the potential he sees in you, even if you can’t see it at the time. He really has the players best interest in mind at all times. Whather that means doing 7am individual training sessions on the weekends or always being open for questions, even now that I’m at college, he is always there. I loved the family like, yet competitive, environment he created in his sessions and his overall joy and love for the game. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to get better and always have someone in your corner."

Caroline DeLisle

"My time with RTG has been nothing but a fantastic experience. The coaches are very patient and care about your development, and put on very good training sessions that incorporate all aspects of the game."

Alexandra McCarthy


"Ryan is probably one of the best coaches I have ever known. He is really encouraging and always makes sure you never quit. I developed so much under his coaching. Also, RTG is an amazing way to get some quality traing with other keepers. RTG is creating a "goalkeeper union" where everyone pushes each other to be better at all times. He truly is a really amazing coach; this is why I recommend him for anyone and everyone who is a goalie and looking to develop. He has helped me so much, I know he can help you too."

Beck Henderson


 "We connected with Coach Ryan at the behest of our team’s keeper coach. My then U12 daughter had the desire to play keeper, but lacked so many of the essential components. After one year with Ryan, her game was transformed immensely. She already had the desire, but he developed the mental toughness, tactical anticipation, and internal drive needed for her to perform her highest potential.

That being said, even if you remove the world class coaching experience, his personal inclination to not only make them better goalkeepers, but to make them better people overall  is enough to warrant our continued support and admiration.

Thank You Coach Ryan for all that you've done."

Lamont and Carmen A. 


"Our son, Matthew Bryant, has been a Goalie playing competitively for three years.  Matthew is a good Goalie, and while his regular Coach trained him to the best of his ability, his Coach wasn’t able to give Matthew the Goalie specific training he needed to up his game.   We met Coach Ryan through USF Soccer and started participating in RTG Academy.  We saw immediate results and Matthew’s regular Coach was amazed at his improvement.  We thought Matthew was a good Goalie, but he became a GREAT Goalie under Coach Ryan’s training.  We continue to partner with Coach Ryan for both 1:1 and camp training, and will not let anyone else train Matthew except Coach Ryan and the RTG Team.   Coach Ryan uses progressive and competitive training methods in an encouraging TEAM environment.  Thank you Coach Ryan and RTG!"   

The Bryant Family, Riverview, FL.


“We saw our son improve after just one camp with Ryan. We continue to bring him to RTG because not only has he improved in his position, he is developing into a leader on the field. The confidence that he gained by working with Ryan and his team at RTG Academy is bubbling over into other areas of his life. I’m so happy that we found RTG Academy. Ryan has a very positive coaching style, which as a parent who has spent many years in youth sports with three kids playing three different sports, I TRULY appreciate. My son never leaves RTG feeling humiliated or put down, no matter how hard he has worked there he is always energized and happy."


"My daughter (now 13) has trained with Ryan and RTG for the past 2 years.  She developed her love for the GK position at the age of 10 from Ryan himself and never looked back.  Training with Ryan is the ultimate challenge.  He focuses on quality and hard work and pushes technical development to the limit.  

The RTG Academy is a family who pushes each other to be the best they can be.  The goalkeepers, both young and old, support each other and strive in an environment that demands they give 100%.  Any parent (or player) who is looking for true dedication to the development of a young goalkeeper should look no further than RTG."

Michael Lombardi