Soccer Virtual Academy
for the 2021-2022 academic school year


Chaparral Ice Academy
in partnership with RTG


The Crossover



Are you a dedicated player who wants to train daily?

RTG is partnering with Chaparral Ice Academy to provide daily soccer training in combination with education via Apex Learning Virtual School.  This Academy format is similar to European academies within the professional teams.  

Is your child:

  • Soccer focused / obsessed?
  • Eager for improvement & growth in soccer?
  • Dreaming of playing on collegiate, professional, international and/or national teams?
  • A self-starter and disciplined?
  • A student that enjoys virtual school?   

If any/all of those apply, daily training from RTG coaches will be a huge benefit!  It is proven that more touches on the ball improve skills – substantially.  Can you imagine what an additional 6-8 hours a week of soccer training will do to develop a player?  

RTG will build strong “students of the game”.  The training will go beyond the pitch… it will include:

  • Mentor based Soccer training – team & position specific sessions
  • Video analysis
  • Strength Training
  • Injury prevention & management
  • Nutrition
  • Personal growth & development – as an individual and teammate

For more information, email RTG.